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20 BEST Travel Purse That’s Perfect For All Occasions

20 BEST Travel Purse That’s Perfect For All Occasions
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Heading off to a new adventure? We’re guessing you’re already imagining the sights to see and food to eat. You’re already listing down the things to bring such as your mobile phone, power bank, passport, etc. But the most essential part of packing all your stuff is where to put them. Believe it or not, having a suitable travel purse is totally a lifesaver.

Of crouse, you’ll be traveling with plenty of stuff overseas. Hence, a travel purse that’s comfortable, lightweight, and spacious enough to pack all of your essentials is crucial.  So, here are 20 of our recommendations for the best travel purse that’s perfect for a jet-setter like you.


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1. BAGGALLINI Melbourne Crossbody

Baggallini crossbody bag in brown colour
©Photo by Amazon

Baggallini’s Melbourne Crossbody is a chic and casual travel purse for any occasion. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from namely Beach, Hibiscus Red, Charcoal, Black, Juniper, Navy, and Portobello. Its material is 100% nylon and is lightweight at almost 1 pound. You can fit your phone in their quick access pocket and it’s roomy enough to store your passport, sunglasses, a handheld camera, and your wallet.

What’s great about Baggallini purses is that it’s water-resistant making it durable in rainy weather. It’s also RFID protected so your credit cards are safe inside the compartments. The best part, it affordable and it certainly worth its price tag.

Get the Baggalini Crossbody now!


2. OAKARBO Nylon Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag

black color nylon multi pocket crossbody bag
©Photo by Amazon

The number one thing to look for in a travel purse is how lightweight it is. With Oakarbo’s crossbody bag, you’ve got that down perfectly. It weighs less than a pound so you don’t strain your shoulders should you add anything else inside.

The nylon material helps make this crossbody durable and water-resistant. Oakarbo’s crossbody bag also has a lot of pockets to keep your things organized. So if you’re looking for a bag that has a lot of room yet also holds compartments for your things, this one is for you.

You can choose between a medium-size or a large size crossbody. The medium size fits an iPad or a Kindle while the large size can fit am an 11.6-inch laptop.

Get it here on Amazon now.


3. TRAVELON Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

Travelon Anti-theft crossbody in maroon colour
©Photo by Amazon

Your travel purse will contain all your important belongings while you’re strolling around foreign streets. This includes money, passport, your phone, and your camera. In order to feel safe and secure, having an anti-theft bag makes a huge difference.

Travelon purses such as the classic shoulder bag will provide you the security you need. It has locking straps so your zippers won’t be easily opened. The bag has RFID blocking pockets to protect from identity thieves. The straps and body of the bag are slash-resistant too. On top of it all, they’re quite stylish to look at making this bag a perfect choice for a travel purse.

It comes with over 10 colors. Find your perfect match here.


4. MINICAT Women RFID Blocking Small Crossbody Bag

Brown coloured minicat women RFID crossbody bag
©Photo by Amazon

A small purse is very convenient for women. Aside from the size, traveling is a breeze to know how lightweight your bag is but still capable to accommodate your essentials wherever you go.

Minicat’s bag is great for carrying your phone, passport, keys, wallet, and even a few essential makeup items such as lipstick and compact powder. It comes in a wide variety of colors. It has RFID protection and looks very fashionable in whatever outfit you’ll be wearing.

Get it now your Minicat Crossbody Bag on Amazon now.


5. PACSAFE Anti-theft Convertible Length Crossbody

A women traveling with Pacsafe blue color anti-theft convertible length crossbody walking on the street
©Photo by Amazon

PacSafe is known in the industry as a brand that secures your belongings with the use of innovative zipper locks and high-quality material. With that being said, PacSafe’s convertible length crossbody is an ideal travel purse that you can wear as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag without having to worry about your belongings.

The bag has enough room for an 11-inch Macbook. It also has hidden pockets so it would be difficult for potential thieves to rummage around your bag. It’s stylish and comes in black, blue, green, and a printed coral design. If you’re looking for the best travel purse that’s secure, chic and comfortable to carry around then this one is ideal for you.

Get hands-on on your favourite design of PacSafe crossbody purse now.


6. TRAVELON Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

Maroon colored Travelon messenger bag with card holder included
©Photo by Amazon

Can you imagine strolling around busy streets without having to be anxious about keeping your stuff safe inside your bag? If not, then it’s time you should feel secure with Travelon purses such as the Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag. It has a 5-Point Anti-Theft security system which includes:

  • Lockdown straps so you can strap your bag to a bike or your chair without worrying about thieves dashing off with it.
  • Locking outside compartments so thieves can’t access your belongings easily.
  • Locking zippers so no one can zip open your bag without you noticing.
  • Slash resistant body so even a knife can’t penetrate the bag
  • RFID protected pockets

Other than this security system, it has a water bottle and umbrella holder on both sides and comes in many colors. What more could you look for in a travel purse than Travelon’s bag?

Click here to find out more color of this Travelon messenger bag.


7. PACSAFE Women’s Stylesafe Anti-Theft Tote

Large size PacSafe tote bag
©Photo by Amazon

Do you want to have a fashionable bag without compromising the security of your belongings? With PacSafe’s anti-theft travel purse, you can.

Their tote bag looks so stylish but is built-in durable polyester material with a stainless steel mesh built inside that protects it from thieves slashing the bag’s body. It’s RFID protected, lightweight and has locks to secure the zipper from being opened. Who would expect all these built-in security and durability from a fashionable tote bag?


8. OGIO Women’s Brooklyn Tablet Purse

Ogio Womens Brooklyn tablet travel purse in grey colour
©Photo by Amazon

One item that is considered essential to many is having their tablet with them. With Ogio’s tablet travel purse, you can carry around your tablet with ease. This crossbody bag is fully padded to protect your tablet or e-book reader. The zippers can be hidden inside the flaps to protect it from theft. The bag comes in several colors as well.


9. MFEO Unisex Casual Retro Small Messenger Bag

Mfeo casual retro bag for men and women for everyday outing and travel use
©Photo by Amazon

Looking for a small purse or crossbody bag that’s unisex? Mfeo’s casual retro messenger bag is what you’re looking for.

This waterproof purse is durable with a classic look for all ages. It has a lot of pockets outside and inside so you can have more space to organize your things. You can fit your iPad in there or 2 to 3 books. All in all, Mfeo’s messenger bag can be a simple travel purse to bring everywhere you go.


10. ENKNIGHT RFID Travel Crossbody Bag

Purple coloured Enknight RFID Travel Crossbody bag stuffed with credit cards and iPhones.
©Photo by Amazon

If you’re searching for a no-frills kind of bag but will serve its purpose in protecting and carrying all your belongings then Enknight’s travel crossbody bag is the one for you. This travel purse may only have two main zippers to open up inside but the compartments it has can accommodate so many items such as your tablet, umbrella, wallet, phone, and keys. What we like about this is how you can organize everything, even the way you can place your pens upright on the side.

Enknight’s crossbody travel bag is considered a waterproof purse and has built-in RFID protection.


11. SUVELLÉ Crossbody Bag for Women

SUVELLÉ Crossbody Bag comes in 5 different colour options including purple, green, blue, black and grey.
©Photo by Amazon

Having a spacious travel purse where you can put all your stuff is the most important factor in looking for a bag. But what others fail to check is if the straps that go over your shoulders or across your body is comfortable or not. After all, you’ll be carrying the bag for hours while walking.

Suvellé’s crossbody bag assures you of the comfort their straps bring. The straps are also easily adjustable. As for the bag, the design is simple but chic and comes in grey, black, blue, green, and eggplant color. The material is made of nylon and it’s stain and water-resistant.

The interior is spacious and has compartments located inside and outside the bag so you have more space to keep your stuff. It also features RFID protection against data theft.


12. MUNDI BRADY Anti Theft Women’s Bag

Floral patterned Mundi Brady Anti theft Womens Crossbody Bag
©Photo by Amazon

If you’re looking for a smaller travel purse as compared to the ones above, Mundi Brady’s bag is the right choice. This bag is smaller than your average sized crossbody or over shoulder purse at only 8 inches in width and 5 inches in height. Admittedly, it can’t fit your usual tablet. But it fairly spacious to fit your phones, wallet, and a few of your makeup essentials.

The bag serves as a clutch as well since the crossbody strap can be removed and replaced with a wrist strap. It’s the ideal purse for when you want to travel light. You also don’t need to worry about identity theft since Mundi Brady’s bag comes with RFID blocking.


13. BAGGALLINI Quilted Pocket Crossbody

Bright red Baggallini quilted pocket crossbody bag with complemented mini clutch.
©Photo by Amazon

Baggallini purses are very convenient since they can be used on any occasion. For instance, Baggallini’s Quilted Crossbody bag is the casual counterpart of the Melbourne Crossbody bag mentioned above. The bag features multifunctional pockets to keep your phone, wallet, and other everyday items. It also has an RFID blocking system to keep your credit cards safe. If you fancy a little more patterns on your travel purse, this Baggallini quilted pocket is way to go. Plus, it’s affordable too!


14. TUMI Voyageur Canton Crossbody Bag

Leather Tumi Voyageur Crossbody Bag in black.
©Photo by Amazon

Tumi’s Voyageur Canton bag is stylish but also practical for your everyday needs. The bag features a front pocket with the zipper’s ability to be pulled into a lock so it can’t be opened easily by potential thieves. It has a detachable leather keyring that adds to the stylish look of the bag.

What’s worth mentioning is the magnetic-snap back pocket to put your items in without having to use the zippered main compartment if you’re in a hurry. All in all, Tumi’s Voyageur Canton bag can be your ideal travel purse, work purse, or perfect enough just for your everyday stroll. When it comes to durability, this Tumi bag is here to save the day. Get yours now here.


15. PINCNEL Women Backpack

Multi color Pincnel women travel backpack
©Photo by Amazon

This might not be a purse or a crossbody bag but Pincnel’s backpack is worth mentioning for the most important reasons. To start, the backpack has a shoulder strap so you can turn this into a sling bag as well. It can fit an iPad or a laptop up to 13 inches.

At first glance, one might not find the zipper to the main compartment. But that’s the beauty of this bag since it protects you from potential theft. The zippers can be found at the back of the backpack and it opens up to a spacious area where it features several pockets for your phone or documents.

The bag is made of nylon and is water-resistant so you’re assured your belongings won’t get wet when you’re stuck walking in the middle of the road and the rain pours.

Pincnel’s backpack may be bigger than your average travel purse but it’s still a suitable choice for those who want to pack in more stuff while they’re traveling.


16. MOSISO Sling Backpack

Tropical pattern of Mosiso Sling Backpack
©Photo by Amazon

Mosiso’s sling bag is ideal for travel. You can fit a book and a tablet inside if you’re planning to bring these items with you. There’s a zippered compartment on the front and a phone pocket on the outside. There’s a slot for your earphones to pass through so you can listen to music and answer calls while your phone is safely tucked inside the bag.

The sling bag is multipurpose as it can serve as a backpack as well. It’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your bag getting drenched if bad weather greets you in the middle of your travel.


17. eBAGs Villa Crossbody Bag 2.0

Grey colour nylon material crossbody Bag
©Photo by Amazon

eBags Villa Crossbody bag is lightweight which makes carrying this bag comfortable. The design is simple yet the functionality makes it a suitable choice of bag to carry your phone, keys, wallet, and other essential items due to the many compartments, pockets, and spacious rooms inside.

There’s a silver thread lining on each pocket inside to easily distinguish the compartments from the interior of the bag. Best of all, the Villa Crossbody bag has RFID blocking built-in the credit card compartment for your protection.


18. MHCNLL Crossbody Bag

Water-resistant MHCNLL crossbody travel purse for everyday use
©Photo by Amazon

Not all travel purses have comfortable padded straps. MHCNLL’s crossbody bag has one which makes carrying this bag around for hours, not a problem at all. It has several pockets to keep your belongings in and it’s spacious for a tablet to fit along with a few more items. It’s water and stain-resistant. Most importantly, it can carry your water bottle on the side for easy access. Get yours now, it’s super affordable that you wouldn’t believe it true until you see it.


19. PEAK GEAR Travel Crossbody Purse

A women carrying a Peak Gear Travel Crossbody Purse while traveling
©Photo by Amazon

You can mix style and comfort with Peak Gear’s Travel Crossbody Purse. It’s small and lightweight but it has room to fit all of your belongings. The main compartment is accessed by a protective flap with a magnetic lock. The back has a compartment that’s locked magnetically as well.

The bag is RFID protected. But what’s even more special about Peak Gear’s bag is that it features ReturnMe, a recovery company that helps find your bag in the event it gets lost with the use of their finder system. Now that’s one worry off your list if you’re the type to misplace things.


20. NOTAG Crossbody Bag for Women

NOTAG Crossbody Bag interior
©Photo by Amazon

Stylish yet simple is the way to go when you’re choosing the right travel purse for yourself. NoTag’s Crossbody Bag is perfect for those who like to organize things in compartments as it has several of these insides. Not only that but pockets are available inside and outside the bag as well.

You may use this bag as an over shoulder purse or a handbag. The material may be lightweight but it is durable and water-resistant makes this bag built to last for a long time.


Travel Purses: Comparison Table

With these options, you’ll have a lot to choose from. Which ones will make it with you on your next travel destination?

Travel Purse BrandsDimensions (Inches)Weight (lbs.)Price
BAGGALLINI Melbourne Crossbody10.5 x 3 x 90.94Check Here.
OAKARBO Nylon Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag12.5 x 3.5 x 10.6 (Medium), 12.5 x 4.7 x 11.8 (Large)0.88Check Here.
TRAVELON Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag8.5 x 8.5 x 20.45Check Here.
MINICAT Women RFID Blocking Small Crossbody Bag7.8 x 1.3 x 60.40Check Here.
PACSAFE Anti-theft Convertible Length Crossbody10.2 x 15 x 5.90.82Check Here.
TRAVELON Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag11 x 10 x 4.50.65Check Here.
PACSAFE Women’s Stylesafe Anti-Theft Tote13 x 19.7 x 7.10.65Check Here.
OGIO Women's Brooklyn Tablet Purse16.1 x 2.9 x 130.80Check Here.
MFEO Unisex Casual Retro Small Messenger Bag10.2 x 3.6 x 110.75Check Here.
ENKNIGHT RFID Travel Crossbody Bag11 x 4 x 100.90Check Here.
SUVELLÉ Crossbody Bag for Women4.5 x 11.5 x 110.55Check Here.
MUNDI BRADY Anti Theft Womens Bag8 x 1 x 50.41Check Here.
BAGGALLINI Quilted Pocket Crossbody2 x 8.5 x 8.50.6Check Here.
TUMI Voyageur Canton Crossbody Bag13.7 x 12.8 x 4.11.05Check Here.
PINCNEL Women Backpack 13.78 x 6.69 x 14.170.70Check Here.
MOSISO Sling Backpack1.5 x 10 x 9.50.84Check Here.
eBAGs Villa Crossbody Bag 2.01.5 x 10 x 9.50.84Check Here.
MHCNLL Crossbody Bag13.1 x 8.9 x 1.70.75Check Here.
PEAK GEAR Travel Crossbody Purse10.6 x 6.4 x 1.70.65Check Here.
NOTAG Crossbody Bag for Women10.2 x 3.5 x 8.6 (Small), 12.2 X 4.3 X 9.4 (Large0.69Check Here.


All travel essentials lay out on the floor
©Photo by Pixabay

How to pack a purse for travel?

When packing for travel, make sure to bring only the essential items you need. This includes your passport, wallet (which includes credit cards and money), and phone. All other stuff aside from the ones mentioned are optional or depends on the level of importance to you. These could be your makeup, sunblock, sunglasses, a cap, or bottled water.

Before packing, make sure to list down everything you need. Rank them according to how essential the item is to you. You may choose your top 5 or 10. The rest of the items you need can go in your checked-in luggage.


What is the difference between a travel purse and a purse?

A purse is a small bag you use to carry important items you need with you. It’s mostly considered a carry-on bag and is not usually checked in when you fly on a plane. A travel purse serves the same purpose but with added features such as the purse being water-resistant, has RFID protection, locked zippers and compartments, and slash-resistant body and straps.

In simpler terms, travel bags are lightweight purses that should provide you comfort and ease of use while you’re on the go.


What kind of purse to carry for travel?

It would be best if you can invest in an anti-theft purse. The material is of high quality and they’re comfortable to use. This will ensure that your belongings are well-protected and can’t easily be stolen. Most basic anti-theft bags have RFID security so your credit card information doesn’t get stolen.


What kind of material of travel purse to consider?

Nylon is one material that you should consider when choosing a travel purse. Your fashionable options may be limited but nylon is what makes bags water-resistant. If security is what you’re going for, look for bags that have a stainless steel mesh within the material so it doesn’t get slashed open easily. But if you’re going for style above everything else, canvas may be a perfect choice for you.


What size purse to travel Europe with?

There is no official purse size to travel to Europe with. But it should be noted that the best travel purse is one that can fit all of your important items. The bags should also be considered lightweight purses since you’ll be carrying it around with you all day. It doesn’t have to be big as well since it might weigh you down. A travel purse that can fit your tablet is a suitable sized purse.

There you go, the best travel purse you can ever get. Ditch those worries about a broken bag while you’re traveling, these purses are here to save the day.


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