Welcome to the vibrant city of Chicago, a culinary paradise for food lovers from all walks of life. Known for its diverse and thriving food scene, Chicago offers a plethora of options for casual dining enthusiasts. From authentic deep-dish pizza to mouthwatering steakhouses, the city has something to satisfy every craving. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 hot spots to eat in Chicago, showcasing the very best that the city has to offer.

Chicago is a melting pot of different cultures, and this is reflected in its culinary landscape. Whether you’re a local or a tourist exploring the city, you’ll find a wide range of casual dining establishments that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From trendy gastropubs to classic diners, Chicago has it all.

The city boasts numerous world-class chefs who have honed their skills in some of the finest kitchens around the globe. They bring their expertise and creativity to the table, crafting unique and innovative dishes that will leave you in awe. Chicago’s restaurants are not only known for their exceptional food but also for their inviting ambience and excellent service.

One of the highlights of the Chicago food scene is the city’s dedication to using locally-sourced ingredients. Many restaurants pride themselves on their farm-to-table approach, ensuring that the dishes are not only delicious but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. This commitment to quality and freshness sets Chicago apart and enhances the overall dining experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for upscale dining or a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, Chicago has options to suit every preference. In the following sections, we will explore the top 10 hot spots to eat in Chicago. From iconic pizza joints to trendy eateries, these establishments have captivated both locals and tourists with their exceptional food and unforgettable experiences.


Au Cheval

Au Cheval is a must-visit destination for burger lovers in Chicago. Located in the West Loop neighborhood, this upscale diner is known for serving up some of the best burgers in the city. Their signature burger features two beef patties cooked to perfection and topped with gooey melted cheese, tangy pickles, Dijonnaise, and a perfectly fried egg. The combination of flavors and textures is simply mouthwatering.

Aside from their famous burgers, Au Cheval also offers a range of delicious breakfast and brunch options. From fluffy buttermilk pancakes to savory hash browns, there’s something to satisfy every breakfast craving. The diner’s retro-inspired decor and cozy atmosphere add to the overall charm of the place, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Due to its popularity, Au Cheval can get quite busy, so be prepared for a potential wait. However, the wait is definitely worth it for the delectable food that awaits you. Make sure to arrive early or put your name on the list, then take a stroll around the neighborhood to pass the time.

Au Cheval also offers a great selection of craft beers and creative cocktails to complement your meal. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to recommend the perfect drink pairing to enhance your dining experience.

Overall, Au Cheval offers a delightful blend of comfort food, exceptional flavors, and a cozy ambiance. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in a mouthwatering burger or a hearty breakfast, making it a top choice for casual dining in Chicago.


Girl & the Goat

A culinary gem in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, Girl & the Goat is a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts looking for a unique and memorable dining experience. Helmed by acclaimed chef Stephanie Izard, who won the prestigious title of the first female winner of “Top Chef,” this restaurant offers a menu that celebrates bold flavors and creative combinations.

The menu at Girl & the Goat is designed for sharing, allowing guests to explore and sample a variety of dishes. From small plates featuring inventive ingredients and flavors to hearty main courses highlighting the finest meats and seafood, every bite at this restaurant is a journey of culinary discovery.

One of the standout dishes at Girl & the Goat is the wood-fired pig face, which has become an iconic symbol of Chef Izard’s innovative approach to cooking. This indulgent dish features crispy pig cheeks, a sunny-side-up egg, tender meat, and a tangy sauce that perfectly balances richness and freshness.

The restaurant’s rustic and modern-industrial decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the bold flavors on the plate. The open kitchen adds an element of excitement, allowing guests to see the chefs in action as they prepare their meals with precision and skill.

Reservations at Girl & the Goat are highly recommended as the restaurant fills up quickly due to its well-deserved reputation and popularity. However, if you’re unable to secure a reservation, you can try arriving early and putting your name on the waiting list, as they do accommodate walk-ins whenever possible.

Overall, Girl & the Goat is a showcase of culinary artistry and a testament to Chef Stephanie Izard’s talent and passion. A visit to this restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience filled with intriguing flavors, delightful surprises, and a true celebration of the culinary arts.



Alinea stands at the forefront of Chicago’s fine dining scene, pushing the boundaries of gastronomy with its innovative and avant-garde approach to cuisine. Led by renowned chef Grant Achatz, Alinea consistently ranks among the top restaurants in the world, captivating diners with its imaginative dishes and immersive dining experience.

Located in a sleek and modern space in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Alinea offers a multi-course tasting menu that takes guests on an unforgettable culinary journey. Each course is meticulously crafted and presented as a work of art, showcasing the synergy between flavors, textures, and visual aesthetics.

The dining experience at Alinea is unlike any other, with various interactive and theatrical elements woven into the meal. From edible balloons to food served on unconventional surfaces, every plate is designed to surprise and delight the senses.

One of the standout dishes at Alinea is the iconic black truffle explosion, a single bite-sized morsel that bursts with rich and earthy flavors. The presentation and execution of each dish are accompanied by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience is a sensory delight.

Due to its popularity, reservations at Alinea are essential and can be made well in advance. The restaurant also offers alternative dining experiences, such as the Kitchen Table, where guests can enjoy an intimate and immersive culinary adventure right in the heart of the kitchen.

A visit to Alinea is not just a meal; it is an experience that pushes the boundaries of gastronomy and challenges traditional notions of dining. From the thought-provoking dishes to the impeccable service and attention to detail, Alinea offers a culinary journey that will leave a lasting impression.


The Publican

The Publican, located in Chicago’s Fulton Market District, is a lively and bustling restaurant that celebrates the art of communal dining and the flavors of the Midwest. With its rustic and inviting atmosphere, this casual yet sophisticated establishment has established itself as a go-to spot for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

The menu at The Publican is focused on showcasing the best of farm-to-table cuisine, with an emphasis on sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor is evident in every dish, from the expertly prepared seafood to the succulent pork and beef dishes.

One of the highlights of dining at The Publican is their impressive selection of craft beers. They offer a wide range of interesting and unique brews, both local and international, that perfectly complement the flavors on the menu. The knowledgeable staff are always ready to provide recommendations and guidance on beer pairings.

The communal dining concept at The Publican encourages guests to share and engage in the experience together. Large, communal tables create a convivial and lively atmosphere, making it the perfect place to gather with friends and enjoy a meal. The warm and welcoming ambiance adds to the overall charm and makes it an inviting destination for both locals and tourists.

From the expertly cooked whole roasted fish to the delicious charcuterie board, every dish at The Publican is a celebration of bold flavors and Midwest-inspired cuisine. The friendly and attentive staff make sure that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of, adding to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

Reservations at The Publican are recommended, especially during peak hours, to secure your spot in this popular restaurant. However, if you prefer a more casual experience, you can always opt for a seat at the bar and enjoy the lively atmosphere while indulging in the delectable offerings.

The Publican is a true gem in Chicago’s dining scene. With its focus on quality ingredients, communal dining, and vibrant atmosphere, it offers a memorable gastronomic experience that captures the essence of the Midwest.


Purple Pig

Tucked away in the bustling River North neighborhood of Chicago, Purple Pig is a culinary gem that celebrates the art of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a modern twist. As you step into this vibrant and cozy establishment, you’ll be greeted by the enticing aromas of sizzling meats, fresh seafood, and tantalizing spices.

Purple Pig is known for its extensive selection of small plates that are designed for sharing, allowing guests to savor a variety of flavors and textures in one sitting. The menu features a delightful array of Mediterranean classics, such as charcuterie and cheese boards, house-made sausages, and flavorful vegetable dishes.

A standout dish at Purple Pig is their signature milk-braised pork shoulder, which is slow-cooked to perfection and served with a tangy salsa verde. The tender and succulent meat melts in your mouth and showcases the restaurant’s dedication to utilizing high-quality ingredients.

In addition to the delectable food, Purple Pig boasts an impressive wine list and a wide selection of craft beers. The knowledgeable staff are always ready to provide recommendations and guide you in finding the perfect pairing to enhance your meal.

The casual and lively atmosphere at Purple Pig adds to the overall charm of the dining experience. The dimly lit space, adorned with vintage pig-themed decor, creates a warm and inviting ambiance that invites you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Due to its popularity, Purple Pig can get quite busy, especially during peak hours. It’s recommended to arrive early or make a reservation to secure a table. If there happens to be a wait, you can explore the nearby shops and attractions while anticipating the delightful culinary experience that awaits you.

Purple Pig is a true culinary delight for both locals and visitors seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of Chicago. From the inviting atmosphere to the exceptional flavors, every aspect of the dining experience at Purple Pig is sure to leave you wanting more.


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

When it comes to iconic Chicago deep-dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is a name that is synonymous with excellence. Since 1971, this family-owned establishment has been serving up their famous deep-dish pizza, delighting locals and tourists alike with its thick buttery crust, gooey cheese, and flavorful sauce.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is committed to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Their signature pizza is made with a flaky and buttery crust that is formed by hand and baked to perfection. The luscious layers of cheese and toppings add depth and flavor, creating a truly indulgent pizza experience.

While the deep-dish pizza is the star of the show, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria also offers a variety of other delicious menu items. From fresh salads and crispy appetizers to mouthwatering pasta dishes, there is something to satisfy every palate.

In addition to their exceptional food, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria prides itself on delivering outstanding service. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to guide you through the menu and ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of fantastic.

With multiple locations throughout Chicago, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria has become a beloved institution for locals and a must-visit destination for pizza enthusiasts from around the world. The cozy and inviting atmosphere of the pizzeria adds to the overall charm, making it the perfect spot to gather with friends and indulge in a true Chicago culinary tradition.

It’s worth noting that Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is incredibly popular, and wait times can be lengthy during peak hours. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your visit accordingly, arrive early, or consider placing a carry-out or delivery order to enjoy their famous deep-dish pizza in the comfort of your own space.

If you’re in Chicago and craving a taste of the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is the place to be. With its rich flavors, impeccable crust, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder that this pizzeria remains a staple in the Chicago dining scene.



Situated in a beautifully renovated 19th-century print shop in Chicago’s West Loop, Sepia offers a captivating dining experience that combines modern American cuisine with a touch of rustic elegance. With its warm ambiance and impeccable attention to detail, this Michelin-starred restaurant has garnered a reputation as one of the city’s top culinary destinations.

At Sepia, the menu focuses on showcasing seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, resulting in dishes that are both innovative and comforting. The talented culinary team crafts each plate with precision and creativity, presenting a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that are a delight to the palate.

Start your meal with the velvety smooth chicken liver mousse or the decadent foie gras torchon. For the main course, savor the tender and flavorful dry-aged steak or indulge in the expertly prepared seafood dishes. Sepia’s commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every bite.

The restaurant’s sophisticated yet intimate ambiance enhances the dining experience. With its exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and vintage décor, Sepia exudes a timeless charm that transports you to a bygone era. The attentive and knowledgeable staff further elevate the experience, providing impeccable service and personalized recommendations.

Accompanying the exceptional cuisine is a thoughtfully curated wine list that showcases a wide range of varietals and regions. The sommeliers at Sepia are well-versed in their craft, and they are more than happy to guide you in selecting the perfect wine pairing to complement your meal.

Reservations are highly recommended at Sepia, as tables tend to fill up quickly. However, if you find yourself without a reservation, the bar area offers a more casual dining experience where you can enjoy a selection of small plates and craft cocktails.

Sepia has firmly established itself as one of Chicago’s culinary gems. With its commitment to seasonal ingredients, exemplary service, and inviting atmosphere, a visit to Sepia is an exquisite journey for the senses and a true celebration of modern American cuisine.



No visit to Chicago is complete without indulging in the iconic dishes at Portillo’s. This beloved fast-casual restaurant has become a local institution, serving up classic Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and other mouthwatering comfort foods.

With its retro-inspired decor and lively atmosphere, Portillo’s captures the essence of Chicago’s rich food culture. The menu features a wide range of delectable options, including their famous Chicago-style hot dog, piled high with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt, all nestled in a poppy seed bun.

Portillo’s is equally renowned for its juicy Italian beef sandwiches. These hearty sandwiches are made with thinly sliced roast beef soaked in flavorful au jus and served on a crusty Italian roll, with the option to add sweet peppers or hot giardiniera for an extra kick of flavor.

The restaurant also offers a variety of other classic comfort foods, such as cheeseburgers, crispy fries, and creamy milkshakes. Each item on the menu is made with high-quality ingredients and prepared with precision, ensuring a mouthwatering experience from start to finish.

Portillo’s prides itself on providing a fun and nostalgic dining atmosphere that transports guests back to a simpler time. With its signature neon signs, retro-inspired artwork, and vibrant energy, a visit to Portillo’s is a delightful blast from the past.

With multiple locations throughout Chicago, Portillo’s is easily accessible and frequented by both locals and tourists alike. While the lines can be long during peak hours, the efficient and friendly staff ensure that you’ll be served promptly, maintaining the fast-casual nature of the experience.

In addition to dining in, Portillo’s also offers the convenience of drive-thru and takeout options, allowing you to enjoy their mouthwatering creations wherever you are in the city.

Portillo’s is more than just a restaurant; it is an integral part of Chicago’s culinary identity. With its timeless classics and vibrant ambiance, a visit to Portillo’s is a must for anyone looking to experience the authentic flavors of Chicago.


Big Star

For those craving a taste of authentic Mexican street food in Chicago, Big Star is the place to be. This vibrant and bustling taqueria in the Wicker Park neighborhood has gained a loyal following for its delicious tacos, refreshing margaritas, and lively atmosphere.

Big Star’s menu showcases a mouthwatering array of tacos, featuring a variety of fillings that cater to both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. From the flavorful al pastor with marinated pork and pineapple to the spicy tinga de pollo with shredded chicken and chipotle, each taco is a burst of fresh and vibrant flavors.

In addition to tacos, Big Star offers a selection of classic Mexican street food favorites. Indulge in their delectable queso fundido, a melted cheese dip served with warm tortillas, or savor their hearty esquites, a street corn salad bursting with tangy, savory, and smoky flavors.

The drink menu at Big Star is equally impressive, with an extensive selection of craft beers, tequilas, and mezcal. Their handcrafted margaritas are a popular choice, made with freshly squeezed lime juice and a splash of agave nectar to balance the flavors.

The vibrant and energetic atmosphere at Big Star adds to the overall dining experience. The outdoor patio, complete with string lights and communal picnic tables, is the perfect setting to enjoy a meal with friends while savoring the flavors of Mexico.

As a popular destination for both locals and tourists, Big Star can get quite busy, especially during peak hours. Patrons can expect a lively and bustling scene, accompanied by excellent service from the friendly and attentive staff.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite, a casual gathering, or a vibrant night out, Big Star has got you covered. With its delicious Mexican street food, handcrafted drinks, and lively atmosphere, Big Star offers an authentic taste of Mexico right in the heart of Chicago.



If you’re in search of bold and authentic Mexican flavors infused with a modern twist, a visit to Xoco is a must. This lively and bustling taqueria and bakery, located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, is the brainchild of renowned chef Rick Bayless.

Xoco showcases the richness and diversity of Mexican cuisine through its menu, which features an array of mouthwatering dishes that highlight the freshest and highest quality ingredients. From the savory tortas, which are Mexican-style sandwiches filled with a variety of meats and toppings, to the flavorful caldo de pollo, a comforting chicken soup, every bite at Xoco is a celebration of bold and vibrant flavors.

The restaurant takes pride in its dedication to traditional Mexican techniques and ingredients. The tortillas are made by hand, using freshly ground corn, resulting in a soft and flavorful base for their tacos. The salsas and guacamole are prepared daily, showcasing the perfect balance of heat and freshness.

In addition to the savory menu offerings, Xoco also boasts a selection of delectable baked goods. From flaky empanadas to rich chocolate desserts, the bakery section of Xoco delights with its sweet creations that perfectly complement the savory dishes.

The bright and energetic atmosphere at Xoco adds to the vibrant dining experience. The open kitchen allows guests to see the skilled chefs in action as they assemble and prepare the orders with precision and care. The communal tables create a convivial and lively ambiance, making it the perfect spot to gather with friends and enjoy a flavorful meal.

Due to its popularity, Xoco often sees a bustling crowd, especially during peak hours. However, the efficient and friendly staff work diligently to ensure prompt and excellent service, allowing guests to enjoy their dining experience without feeling rushed.

Whether you’re craving a hearty torta for lunch or looking to explore the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, Xoco offers an unforgettable dining experience. With its commitment to quality ingredients and innovative twists on traditional dishes, Xoco by Rick Bayless is a vibrant celebration of Mexican flavors right in the heart of Chicago.



Chicago’s casual dining scene is a true reflection of its vibrant and diverse culture. From deep-dish pizza to Mexican street food, the city is a culinary paradise that offers something for every taste and preference. In this article, we explored the top 10 hot spots to eat in Chicago, each offering a unique and memorable dining experience.

Au Cheval impresses with its mouthwatering burgers and inviting retro-inspired atmosphere, while Girl & the Goat captivates diners with its imaginative dishes and creative combinations. Alinea pushes the boundaries of gastronomy with its innovative approach to fine dining, and The Publican celebrates the flavors of the Midwest with its farm-to-table cuisine.

Purple Pig showcases the best of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, while Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria satisfies cravings for the iconic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Sepia excites with its modern American cuisine and rustic elegance, and Portillo’s remains an institution for classic Chicago comfort foods.

Big Star brings the vibrant flavors of Mexican street food to life, while Xoco by Rick Bayless delivers bold and authentic Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Each of these hot spots offers its own unique ambiance, flavors, and culinary experiences, showcasing the depth and variety of Chicago’s dining scene.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast exploring the city or a local looking for new dining destinations, these 10 hot spots are sure to leave a lasting impression. From upscale dining experiences to casual and lively atmospheres, Chicago’s culinary landscape truly has something for everyone.

Remember to plan ahead and make reservations when necessary, as many of these restaurants are in high demand. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, or a solo culinary adventure, Chicago’s top hot spots for casual dining are ready to take you on a gastronomic journey you won’t soon forget.

So, let your taste buds guide you, and embark on a culinary exploration of Chicago’s best casual dining establishments. From the iconic to the hidden gems, these hot spots are waiting to take you on a delectable and unforgettable culinary ride.