Sailing Log Week 3: Sailing to South Molle Island

Welcome back to the third week of our sailing adventure! This week, we set sail towards the beautiful South Molle Island, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Join us as we recount the highlights of our journey and the amazing experiences we had along the way.

Our departure from the marina was met with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze. The sails were raised, and we eagerly set off towards our destination. The anticipation of exploring a new island filled the air as we sailed along the coast, taking in the stunning views of the rugged shoreline and the vast expanse of the ocean.

On the second day of our journey, we were treated to a delightful surprise – a pod of playful dolphins joined us, gracefully swimming alongside our boat. It was a magical sight to behold as these intelligent creatures leaped and frolicked in the waves. We couldn’t resist capturing the moment on camera.

As we approached South Molle Island on the fourth day, we were greeted by the sight of pristine beaches and lush vegetation. The anchor was dropped, and we couldn’t wait to explore the island’s hidden gems. With our hiking gear and cameras in hand, we ventured into the dense rainforest, encountering colorful bird species and unique flora along the way.

The highlight of our time on South Molle Island was snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. We were amazed by the vibrant coral reefs and the abundance of marine life that called this underwater paradise home. Swimming alongside colorful fish and even spotting a majestic sea turtle was an experience we will never forget.

On our final day, we reluctantly departed from South Molle Island, but the memories we made will last a lifetime. We sailed back to the marina, reflecting on the incredible week we had just experienced. The beauty of South Molle Island and the adventures we had on the open seas will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

As we conclude this week’s sailing log, we hope you’ve enjoyed joining us on our journey to South Molle Island. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as we continue to explore the wonders of the sea in the coming weeks.



Welcome to our sailing log! Embark on a virtual journey with us as we recount our epic sailing adventure to South Molle Island. As avid sailors, we thrive on the thrill of the open seas and the excitement of discovering new destinations. In this log, we will take you through the highlights of our week, from the moment we set sail from the marina to the exhilarating experiences awaiting us on South Molle Island.

Sailing offers a unique way to explore the world. It allows us to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. There is something incredibly liberating about relying solely on the wind to propel us forward, embracing the unknown, and embracing the challenges that sailboats demand. Each week presents a new opportunity to immerse ourselves in different landscapes, encounter diverse wildlife, and connect with the rich cultures of the coastal regions.

South Molle Island, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is a hidden gem that we couldn’t wait to discover. Its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush rainforests make it a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. From snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs to hiking through dense forests, the island promised a plethora of exhilarating activities and breathtaking scenery.

In this log, we will share our experiences, anecdotes, and personal insights from each day of our week-long expedition. Join us as we relive the anticipation of departure, the thrill of sailing along the coast, the joy of spotting playful dolphins, and the wonder of exploring the untamed beauty of South Molle Island. Through vivid descriptions and captivating narratives, we aim to transport you to our sailing adventure, painting a vivid picture of the sights, sounds, and emotions that filled our days.

Whether you are an experienced sailor, a curious traveler, or simply someone looking for inspiration, we hope that this log will ignite your sense of wanderlust and open your eyes to the incredible world of sailing. So fasten your seatbelts, hoist the sails, and get ready to set sail with us to South Molle Island!


Day 1: Departure from Marina

With our bags packed, provisions loaded, and excitement bubbling in our veins, we set off on our sailing adventure from the marina. The sun was just beginning to rise, casting a golden hue on the calm waters as we untied the mooring lines and hoisted the sails. It was the start of an unforgettable journey to South Molle Island.

As we sailed away from the marina, leaving the familiar sights of the shore behind, a sense of freedom and anticipation embraced us. The gentle breeze caressed our faces, and the rhythmic sound of water against the hull provided a soothing soundtrack to our voyage.

With our navigational charts spread out on the cockpit table, we carefully plotted our course, taking into account the wind direction and tides. It was crucial to find the optimal route to South Molle Island, ensuring a safe and efficient passage.

As the day progressed, we marveled at the vastness of the ocean, stretching endlessly before us. A feeling of awe washed over us as we realized how small we were in comparison to the vastness of the sea. It was a humbling experience that reminded us of the power and grandeur of nature.

Throughout the day, we embraced the rhythm of sailing – adjusting the sails, trimming the sheets, and constantly monitoring our progress. The synergy between the boat, the wind, and the waves was nothing short of mesmerizing.

As the sun began to set on the horizon, casting hues of pink and orange across the sky, we navigated towards a quiet cove to drop anchor for the night. The peacefulness of the anchorage embraced us, providing a tranquil haven amidst the immense ocean.

We gathered in the cockpit, savoring a delicious meal prepared onboard. The camaraderie and sense of adventure filled the air as we shared stories and laughter, recapping the highlights of our first day at sea.

With the stars twinkling above and the gentle rocking of the boat lulling us into a peaceful slumber, we retired to our berths, eagerly anticipating the adventures that awaited us in the days to come.

And so, as we reflect on our first day of sailing, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to embark on this incredible journey. The anticipation of what lies ahead fuels our spirits as we drift off to sleep, ready to embrace the unknown and discover the wonders of South Molle Island.


Day 2: Sailing along the Coast

With the morning sun rising above the horizon, we eagerly set sail for our second day of adventure along the breathtaking coastline. The wind filled our sails, propelling us forward as we navigated the turquoise waters with a sense of wonder and excitement.

The coastline presented a mesmerizing panorama of cliffs, sandy beaches, and secluded coves. We marveled at the rugged beauty that unfolded before us, each bend in the coastline revealing a new vista to admire.

As we sailed along, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the wildlife that calls this coast their home. Sea birds soared gracefully in the sky, diving down with precision to catch their prey. It was a constant reminder of the incredible wonders of nature that surround us.

Occasionally, we would spot a playful pod of dolphins swimming alongside our boat, their sleek bodies gliding effortlessly through the water. Their presence brought us joy, as we watched them leap and dance in the waves, seemingly enjoying the company of our vessel.

The coastline was dotted with hidden gems – picturesque fishing villages, quaint beachside towns, and secluded anchorages that beckoned us to explore. We made mental notes of these places, promising ourselves to return and immerse ourselves in their beauty at a later time.

As the day progressed, we couldn’t resist the temptation to dive into the inviting waters. With the boat securely anchored, we took the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and cool off in the refreshing sea. The underwater world revealed vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, a sight that left us in awe of the diversity and splendor of marine life.

With the wind in our sails and the coastline unfolding before us, we couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of freedom and connection to the elements. Sailing along the coast provided us with a unique perspective – a chance to witness the intersection of land and sea, where the beauty of nature was on full display.

As the day came to a close, we found a peaceful anchorage nestled in a sheltered bay. The sun bathed the surroundings in a golden glow as we prepared a delicious meal onboard, savoring the flavors and camaraderie that sailing brings.

With the sound of gentle waves lapping against the hull, we reflected on the day’s journey. Sailing along the coast had offered us a glimpse into the raw beauty and tranquility of the coastal environment. As we drifted off to sleep, we carried the memories of the day with us, eagerly anticipating what tomorrow would bring as we continued our journey towards South Molle Island.


Day 3: Spotting Dolphins

Day 3 of our sailing adventure brought us an incredible encounter with some of the most playful and graceful creatures of the sea – dolphins. As we set sail on this beautiful morning, little did we know that we were about to witness a scene straight out of a nature documentary.

The gentle breeze propelled us forward as we navigated the calm waters, our eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of marine life. Suddenly, a flash of movement in the distance caught our attention. We strained our eyes and sure enough, a pod of dolphins came into view, gracefully leaping and diving in perfect sync with one another.

Our excitement was palpable as we watched these majestic creatures gliding effortlessly through the waves. The dolphins seemed just as curious about us as we were about them, swimming alongside our boat and seemingly playing a game of chase with the bow. Their sleek bodies glistened in the sunlight, their grey skin contrasting beautifully with the deep blue sea.

We couldn’t help but feel a deep connection with these intelligent beings. Their playful nature and seemingly endless energy were infectious, bringing smiles to our faces and filling our hearts with joy. It was as if they were reminding us to embrace the simple pleasures of life and to find joy in the present moment.

As the dolphins continued their acrobatic display, we were struck by their incredible agility and coordination. They effortlessly leaped out of the water, executing flips and spins before gracefully diving back into the depths. It was a mesmerizing sight that left us in awe of the wonders of the natural world.

For what felt like hours, we followed the dolphins, observing their interactions and marveling at their grace. The experience was truly unforgettable, etching itself into our memories as a testament to the beauty and magic of the ocean.

As the dolphins eventually bid us farewell, disappearing into the vastness of the sea, we couldn’t help but feel a mixture of gratitude and longing. Gratitude for the privilege of witnessing such a breathtaking display of nature, and longing to once again be in the presence of these magnificent creatures.

We continued our journey, feeling a renewed sense of awe and wonder for the oceans and the incredible variety of life it sustains. The encounter with the dolphins was a reminder of the preciousness of our planet and the need to protect and preserve its fragile ecosystems.

With hearts full and spirits uplifted, we sailed on, grateful for the unexpected and magical moments that the ocean had bestowed upon us. The memory of that day – the joy of spotting dolphins and the connection we felt with the natural world – will forever be etched in our minds as a reminder of the profound beauty that lies beneath the surface of the sea.


Day 4: Arrival at South Molle Island

After several days of sailing, we finally reached our highly anticipated destination – South Molle Island. As we approached the island’s shores, the beauty that unfolded before us took our breath away. Pristine white sandy beaches, lush rainforest, and crystal clear waters greeted us, painting a picture-perfect scene of paradise.

The anchor dropped, and we secured our boat in a secluded bay, feeling a sense of excitement and accomplishment. Stepping onto the soft sand, we could hardly contain our anticipation to explore all that South Molle Island had to offer.

We began our expedition by venturing into the dense rainforest, which revealed a mesmerizing array of flora and fauna. Towering ancient trees created a verdant canopy overhead, providing shade from the tropical sun. Vibrant bird species flitted through the foliage, their melodic songs echoing in the air.

The trail led us to a breathtaking lookout point, offering panoramic views of the island’s coast. From this vantage point, we marveled at the turquoise waters that stretched as far as the eye could see, contrasting against the lush greenery of the island.

Eager to feel the soft sand between our toes, we made our way to one of the island’s secluded beaches. The pristine shoreline invited us to relax and soak up the sun, while the gentle lapping of the waves provided a soothing soundtrack. We couldn’t resist taking a refreshing dip in the clear waters, feeling invigorated as we swam among tropical fish that darted around us.

Exploring further, we stumbled upon a hidden lagoon nestled amidst the vibrant coral formations. The calm, sheltered waters were perfect for snorkeling, and we eagerly donned our gear to immerse ourselves in this underwater wonderland. The colors and variety of marine life surpassed our expectations, as we swam alongside graceful sea turtles, shimmering schools of fish, and intricate coral formations that seemed to come alive.

As the day drew to a close, we found ourselves basking in the golden hues of the sunset from the deck of our boat. The tranquility and beauty surrounding us filled our hearts with a sense of awe and gratitude.

As night fell, we found solace in the peacefulness of the anchorage. Under the starry sky, we reflected on the incredible experiences of the day and the immense natural beauty of South Molle Island. It was a moment of pure bliss, where all worries and stresses faded away, replaced by a deep appreciation for the wonders of the world.

With a sense of contentment and an eagerness for the adventures that awaited us in the coming days, we drifted off to sleep, excited for what South Molle Island had in store for us.


Day 5: Exploring the Island

On Day 5 of our sailing adventure to South Molle Island, we woke up with a renewed sense of exploration and a determination to uncover more of the island’s hidden treasures. With our hiking boots laced up and backpacks filled with essentials, we set out on a day of adventure and discovery.

We followed a winding trail that led us deeper into the lush rainforest that blankets the island. The air was filled with the scent of wildflowers and the chirping of tropical birds. Sunlight filtered through the dense canopy, creating a dappled effect on the forest floor that added to the enchantment of our journey.

As we walked, we came across a cascading waterfall, its crystal-clear waters tumbling down into a serene pool below. The sound of rushing water and the cool mist in the air provided a refreshing respite from the tropical heat. We couldn’t resist the temptation to take a dip in the invigorating pool, allowing the pure water to wash away both physical and mental fatigue.

Continuing our exploration, we stumbled upon ancient rock formations that revealed the island’s geological history. The rugged cliffs and carved-out caves served as a reminder of the island’s ancient past and the forces of nature that shaped it over millions of years.

The trail then led us to a stunning viewpoint, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding islands and the vast expanse of the turquoise sea. We stood in awe of the sheer beauty that stretched out before us, feeling a sense of awe and gratitude for being able to witness such breathtaking scenes.

As the day progressed, we ventured towards the island’s shores, where we discovered secluded beaches dotted with unique seashells and colorful marine debris washed ashore. We marveled at the intricate patterns and vibrant hues, collecting a few treasures along the way as momentos of our island exploration.

As the sun began its descent towards the horizon, we made our way back to our boat, hearts and minds filled with the memories of a day well spent on South Molle Island. The island had revealed its many facets – from dense rainforest to hidden waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints – each offering a glimpse into the island’s natural wonders.

Under the star-filled sky, we sat on deck, reflecting on the day’s adventures. The beauty and charm of South Molle Island had captivated us, and we felt a deep appreciation for the chance to explore and connect with the island’s untamed beauty.

As we retired to our berths, we found solace in the gentle rocking of the boat and the distant sound of waves lapping against the coastline. With dreams filled with the sights and experiences of the day, we eagerly awaited the adventures that awaited us on the next leg of our sailing journey.


Day 6: Snorkeling in the Crystal Clear Waters

Day 6 of our sailing expedition to South Molle Island was dedicated to exploring the captivating underwater world that surrounds this tropical paradise. Equipped with our snorkeling gear and a sense of wonder, we plunged into the crystal clear waters, eager to discover the treasures that lay beneath the surface.

As we descended into the depths, a kaleidoscope of colors greeted us. The coral reefs were teeming with fascinating marine life, each intricate formation housing a diverse array of vibrant fish, graceful sea turtles, and other mesmerizing creatures.

With every stroke of our fins, we found ourselves immersed in a submerged utopia. The coral formations were a sight to behold – their intricate patterns and vibrant hues painted a picture of unrivaled beauty. From delicate fan corals swaying gently in the currents to massive brain corals that seemed to glow with a life of their own, the underwater landscape was a true feast for the senses.

As we swam among schools of brightly colored fish, their scales shimmering in the sunlight, we felt like intruders in their magical world. We carefully observed their graceful movements and marveled at the intricate interplay they shared with their surroundings.

Snorkeling at South Molle Island also offered us the opportunity to encounter magnificent sea turtles. These gentle creatures glided effortlessly through the water, unperturbed by our presence. Getting up close to these majestic turtles was a humbling experience, as we admired their ancient beauty and the tranquility they exuded.

The underwater ballet continued as we encountered a variety of other marine creatures, from playful dolphins in the distance to curious reef sharks gracefully navigating the depths. The sense of awe and respect we felt for these creatures was immeasurable, reminding us of the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

Our snorkeling adventure was interspersed with moments of tranquility as we floated on the surface, gazing at the mesmerizing patterns of sunlight filtering through the water. The tranquility of the ocean enveloped us, washing away any worries or stresses as we connected with the serenity of the underwater world.

As the day drew to a close, we reluctantly emerged from the water, filled with a profound sense of gratitude and awe. Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding South Molle Island had been a magical experience, a glimpse into a world that exists beneath the idyllic surface.

Back on board our boat, we reminisced about the day’s encounters, sharing stories and laughter as we basked in the glow of the setting sun. The memories of our snorkeling adventure would forever be etched in our hearts, a reminder of the fragile beauty and importance of the ocean.

As we settled into another peaceful night on the water, we drifted off to sleep with dreams of colorful coral reefs, graceful sea turtles, and a deep appreciation for the wonders that awaited us on our sailing journey.


Day 7: Heading Back to Marina

On the final day of our sailing adventure to South Molle Island, bittersweet emotions filled the air as we prepared to set sail back to the marina. As we pulled up the anchor and hoisted the sails, we couldn’t help but gaze back at the island that had become our home for the past week, feeling a mixture of nostalgia for the experiences we had and gratitude for the memories that would stay with us forever.

The journey back to the marina was a chance for reflection, a time to relive the breathtaking views, the encounters with marine life, and the bond we had forged as a crew. The wind guided us on our way, whispering tales of our adventures and carrying with it the scent of the ocean.

As we sailed along, we were reminded of the beauty of the coastal region that had captured our hearts. The rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and hidden coves unfolded before us, painting a picturesque backdrop against the vast expanse of the ocean.

The journey back allowed us to savor the memories we had made on South Molle Island. We laughed at the playful dolphins that had accompanied our boat, marveled at the incredible coral reefs we had explored while snorkeling, and reminisced about the breathtaking sunsets that had graced our evenings.

The camaraderie we had built as a crew throughout the week was evident in our laughter and shared stories. The bonds forged on the open seas were strong, and the memories we created together would forever tie us to this unforgettable journey.

As we neared the marina, the sight of familiar shores evoked a mix of emotions. We were grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the natural wonders of South Molle Island, yet we couldn’t help but long for more time on the open seas.

With the sails gracefully trimmed and the boat gliding smoothly through the water, we slowly approached the marina. The buzz of anticipation filled the air as we prepared to moor the boat, closing the chapter of our sailing adventure.

As we stepped foot on land once again, a deep sense of appreciation washed over us. Our sailing journey had not only allowed us to explore the beauty of South Molle Island but had also taught us to embrace the simplicity of life, to treasure the moments of stillness, and to cherish the connections we make along the way.

With hearts full of gratitude and memories that would last a lifetime, we bid farewell to the boat that had been our home for the past week. As we walked away from the marina, we carried with us the lessons learned, the stories shared, and a burning desire to set sail once more, ready to embark on new adventures and create more lasting memories.

Our sailing log to South Molle Island had come to an end, but the spirit of the open seas and the beauty of the coastline would forever be etched in our souls.



As our sailing adventure to South Molle Island comes to a close, we find ourselves in a state of awe and gratitude for the incredible experiences we had and the memories we created. This week-long journey allowed us to truly embrace the beauty of the open seas, the wonders of the natural world, and the connections forged with both nature and fellow sailing enthusiasts.

From the moment we departed from the marina, the thrill of sailing and the anticipation of what lay ahead filled our souls. As we sailed along the breathtaking coast, spotting dolphins and marveling at the rugged cliffs, we were reminded of the vastness and splendor of the ocean.

Arriving at South Molle Island was a dream come true, with its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and crystal clear waters captivating our senses. Exploring the island allowed us to discover hidden waterfalls, lush hiking trails, and secluded beaches that beckoned us to return time and time again.

Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island was like entering a whole new world. Vibrant coral reefs, bustling with marine life, left us in awe of the underwater splendors that lie just beneath the surface. From graceful sea turtles to schools of colorful fish, every encounter was a testament to the delicate balance and wonder of marine ecosystems.

As we reluctantly headed back to the marina, we couldn’t help but reflect on the transformative power of sailing. The sense of freedom and connection with nature surpassed our expectations, leaving us with a deep appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our planet.

Our week-long sailing adventure to South Molle Island was not just a physical journey but a journey of the spirit. It taught us the importance of living in the present moment, of embracing the unknown, and of finding joy in the simplest of pleasures.

As we say farewell to this chapter of our sailing log, we find ourselves filled with a sense of wanderlust, eager to set sail once again and explore new horizons. The beauty of the open seas and the wonders of the coastline will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

May this log serve as an inspiration for others to embark on their own sailing adventures, to connect with nature in a profound way, and to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are an experienced sailor, a curious traveler, or simply seeking a deeper connection with the world around you, we encourage you to set sail and discover the incredible wonders that await you.

Fair winds and smooth seas, until we embark on our next great sailing adventure.