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INSIDER GUIDE: 5 EPIC Party Hostels In Paris

INSIDER GUIDE: 5 EPIC Party Hostels In Paris


Welcome to the City of Light, where breathtaking architecture, world-class cuisine, and vibrant nightlife await. Paris is not only known for its iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum but also for its lively party scene. If you’re looking to blend the thrill of exploration and the excitement of a fun-filled night out, then staying at a party hostel in Paris is the perfect choice.

Party hostels in Paris offer a unique and immersive experience for travelers seeking to meet like-minded individuals from around the world. These hostels go above and beyond the typical accommodation by providing a lively atmosphere, organized events, and vibrant social spaces that encourage interaction and create lasting memories.

In this insider guide, we’ll dive into five epic party hostels in Paris that will take your trip to the next level. From energetic pub crawls, live music performances, and themed parties, these hostels know how to bring the fun. So, let’s get ready to discover where the party never stops!


The Three Ducks Hostel

Located in the lively 15th arrondissement of Paris, The Three Ducks Hostel is a top choice for party-loving travelers. Housed in a former 17th-century coaching inn, this charming hostel seamlessly combines historic charm with modern amenities.

Upon arriving at The Three Ducks, you’ll immediately notice the vibrant and social atmosphere. The hostel features a lively bar and common area, where guests gather to share travel stories and enjoy cheap drinks. The friendly and welcoming staff ensures that every guest feels right at home.

One of the highlights of The Three Ducks is its famous pub crawl. Led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, the pub crawl takes you to some of Paris’ best bars and clubs, allowing you to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife first-hand. It’s an excellent way to meet fellow travelers and make memories that last a lifetime.

In addition to the exciting nightlife, The Three Ducks also offers comfortable and well-equipped accommodations. Choose from dormitory-style rooms or private rooms, all featuring modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi and secure lockers. The hostel also provides a fully-equipped communal kitchen for those who prefer to cook their own meals.

Furthermore, The Three Ducks is ideally located for exploring Paris. It is within walking distance of popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. The nearby Metro station also provides easy access to other must-see sights in the city.

If you’re seeking a hostel that offers a blend of party vibes and a comfortable stay, The Three Ducks Hostel is the place to be. Immerse yourself in the vibrant social scene, explore the beauty of Paris, and create unforgettable memories at this epic party hostel.


St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel

For a party hostel experience with a twist, look no further than St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel. Situated in the vibrant canal district of Paris, this hostel offers a unique blend of entertainment, comfort, and stunning views.

One of the standout features of St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel is its lively Belushi’s bar, located on the ground floor. This trendy bar serves up tasty meals, refreshing drinks, and a bustling atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to socialize with fellow travelers and kick off a memorable night out in the city.

This hostel goes above and beyond with its regular theme nights, including live music performances, quiz nights, and karaoke. You’ll never be short of entertainment at St. Christopher’s. Plus, the hostel offers exclusive discounts for guests on food and drinks at the bar.

When it comes to accommodations, St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel provides a range of options to suit every budget. Choose from spacious dormitory rooms or private rooms, all equipped with comfortable beds, reading lights, and storage lockers. Some rooms even offer breathtaking views of the nearby canal.

To make your stay even more enjoyable, the hostel offers a variety of amenities such as a 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, and a travel desk to assist with your sightseeing plans. The friendly and helpful staff are always ready to provide recommendations and ensure you have an incredible time in Paris.

Aside from the hostel’s vibrant atmosphere, its location is a major highlight. Situated right on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin, you’ll have easy access to picturesque walks, trendy cafes, and quirky boutiques. The nearby metro station also provides convenient connections to popular attractions throughout the city.

Whether you’re looking to party the night away or relax by the canal, St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel offers the perfect blend of excitement and comfort. Immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere, enjoy stunning views, and experience the best of Paris at this fantastic party hostel.


Le Regent Montmartre Hostel

Nestled in the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre, Le Regent Montmartre Hostel is a party hostel that perfectly captures the artistic and vibrant spirit of Paris. This lively hostel is located just steps away from iconic landmarks like the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and offers a unique experience for party-loving travelers.

As you step inside Le Regent, you’ll immediately be greeted by its lively and colorful atmosphere. The hostel features a spacious common area and bar where guests can socialize, play board games, or simply relax with a drink. The bar hosts regular happy hours, live music events, and DJ sets, ensuring that the festivities never stop.

The hostel offers a range of accommodation options, including mixed and female-only dormitory rooms, as well as private rooms for those seeking a bit more privacy. All rooms are clean, comfortable, and equipped with modern amenities such as individual lockers and power outlets.

One of the highlights of staying at Le Regent is the variety of organized activities and events available. From traditional French cooking classes and wine tastings to guided street art tours and pub crawls, there’s always something exciting happening. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you make the most of your stay in Paris.

Le Regent Montmartre Hostel is also perfectly situated for experiencing the unique charm of Montmartre. Explore the charming streets, visit the famous Place du Tertre, and marvel at the panoramic views from the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. The metro station nearby makes it easy to venture into other parts of Paris to discover even more of its hidden gems.

If you’re seeking a vibrant and artistic party hostel in the heart of Montmartre, look no further than Le Regent Montmartre Hostel. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, indulge in the local culture, and create unforgettable memories during your stay in Paris.


Generator Paris Hostel

If you’re looking for a trendy and stylish party hostel in Paris, then Generator Paris Hostel is the place to be. Set in a beautifully converted 19th-century office building near the lively Canal Saint-Martin, this hostel offers a unique blend of modern design and vibrant social atmosphere.

Upon entering Generator Paris, you’ll be mesmerized by the trendy and artistic decor. The hostel’s common areas are beautifully designed with unique artworks and contemporary furnishings, creating a chic and inviting ambiance. The lively bar serves up delicious cocktails and hosts regular events such as live music performances and DJ sets.

Generator Paris offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. Choose from stylish dormitory rooms with custom-designed bunk beds or opt for a private room with ensuite facilities. All rooms are spacious and comfortable, with individual power outlets and private lockers to ensure a convenient and secure stay.

In addition to the buzzing social scene, Generator Paris also provides a range of amenities for guests to enjoy. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, take advantage of the fully equipped self-catering kitchen, or relax in the comfortable lounge areas. The friendly and attentive staff are always on hand to assist with any questions or recommendations.

Generator Paris Hostel is ideally located in the vibrant 10th arrondissement of Paris. The nearby Canal Saint-Martin offers a picturesque setting for walks and picnics, while the surrounding area is dotted with trendy cafes, quirky boutiques, and lively bars. With excellent transport links, you’ll have easy access to popular attractions like the Louvre Museum and the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

For travelers seeking a trendy and stylish party hostel experience in Paris, Generator Paris Hostel is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in the vibrant social scene, appreciate the contemporary design, and discover the best of Paris in style.


Oops! Design Hostel

Situated in the vibrant Latin Quarter of Paris, Oops! Design Hostel is a unique and creatively designed hostel that appeals to the party-loving and artistic travelers. This one-of-a-kind hostel offers a playful and energetic atmosphere that perfectly blends comfort with innovative design.

As soon as you step inside Oops! Design Hostel, you’ll be greeted by its eye-catching and colorful interiors. The hostel features creatively themed common areas that are perfect for socializing and meeting fellow travelers. Whether it’s the vibrant lounge area, the lively bar, or the funky outdoor terrace, you’ll always find a fun spot to relax and connect with others.

One of the highlights of staying at Oops! Design Hostel is its dedication to hosting exciting events and activities. From themed parties, movie nights, and art exhibitions to live music performances and open mic nights, there’s always something happening at this dynamic hostel. The friendly staff ensures that every guest has a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The accommodations at Oops! Design Hostel are equally impressive. Choose from shared dormitory rooms or private rooms, all uniquely designed and equipped with modern amenities. Each room features comfortable beds, spacious lockers, and private bathrooms to ensure a comfortable stay.

Aside from the vibrant atmosphere, the Latin Quarter location of Oops! Design Hostel is a major draw. Immerse yourself in the bohemian charm of this historic neighborhood, explore the nearby cafes, bookshops, and art galleries, and soak up the intellectual and lively spirit that defines the Latin Quarter. With a metro station a short walk away, you’ll have easy access to the rest of Paris.

If you’re looking for a creatively designed and energetic party hostel in Paris, then Oops! Design Hostel is a must-visit. Immerse yourself in its artistic ambiance, join in the exciting events, and experience the vibrant spirit of the Latin Quarter at this one-of-a-kind hostel.



Paris, with its rich history and vibrant nightlife, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable party hostel experience. From energetic bar crawls to lively theme nights and exciting events, these five epic party hostels in Paris know how to create a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Whether you choose The Three Ducks Hostel, St. Christopher’s Inn Canal Hostel, Le Regent Montmartre Hostel, Generator Paris Hostel, or Oops! Design Hostel, you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, fun-filled activities, and opportunities to connect with travelers from around the world.

Each hostel has its own unique charm and offers a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. From organized pub crawls and live music performances to stylish design and lively social spaces, these hostels go above and beyond to create an unforgettable party experience.

Furthermore, the locations of these hostels are ideal for exploring the beauty of Paris. From the iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum to the bohemian charm of Montmartre and the trendy Canal Saint-Martin, you’ll have easy access to the city’s top attractions and hidden gems.

So, whether you’re a solo traveler looking to meet new people or a group of friends in search of an epic party experience, these five party hostels in Paris are sure to deliver. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, and create unforgettable memories during your stay in the City of Light.

So, pack your bags, book your stay, and get ready to experience the best of Paris’ party scene at these epic hostels. Your adventure awaits!


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